In a world where technology moves so fast the iPod is a preview of the future.

In a world where technology moves so fast, that it makes the Jetsons look as primitive as the Flintstones,   music has become one of the most accessible products known to mankind. From records, to cassettes, to CD’s, every evolution of musical storage devices has been seen as the next step towards portable music perfection. With the iPod, though, Apple has removed all the flaws of the previously “new-age” storage device, and has made all the perks even perkier.

      No longer do you need be in a certain place to hear your music. No longer do you need to carry around bulky CD and Cassette players. And the problem of scratched discs can be seen as a thing of the past. The iPod is small and compact, weighing in at around 4.9 ounces, and measuring at 4.1 inches high and 2.4 inches wide, meaning you can take it anywhere at any time. Because it is a modern storage device, some models can carry up to 120 gigabytes of music (or even movies and photos). Even the smallest iPod, with 1 gigabyte of space, you can hold up to 240 songs, which out performs the mere 74 minute capacity of a CD by far. And because fashion is such a large industry in this day and age, Apple followed suit by releasing many different color choices for the iPod consumer. Now your music player can match your favorite bowler or summer dress.

      When I first got my hands on the sleek monolith of musical evolution, I was apprehensive. It definitely looked like a modern product, but would it hold up to the expectations of millions? Needless to say, it was love at first byte. I simply installed the software on my computer, and plugged the iPod into it. Instantly, it transferred my music library, and organized it into groups for easy access. I was listening to music on the go within thirty minutes. And the battery life exceeded expectation as well. I got the 36 hours promised by Apple, which was more than enough for a long drive across California. The system is as user-friendly as possible, allowing anyone to use this product. And if you want to get even fancier, the iPod touch is the epitome of awesomeness. The touch screen allows easy access to everything you have on your iPod. What makes this even more useful is the addition of a web browser and various other games and applications.

      If you want a piece of this Apple pie, but money isn’t your friend right now, they have cheaper alternatives. The iPod nano is much smaller at 3.6 inches high, and 1.5 inches wide, but the music doesn’t suffer because of it. This little guy can hold up to 2000 songs in the 8 gig, and up to 4000 in the 16 gig. Now you can have every Yanni song in your collection on your iPod, and still have room for Barry Manilow and more. And even the Nanos can play movies and hold pictures, so there’s no need for an inferiority complex.

      Apple has gone above and beyond the standard for musical devices. With the iPod, a new age of technology has begun. And Apple definitely isn’t stopping there. We can only wonder as to what Apple will come up with next. As for me, I see Apple sitting shiny and new on the desk known as the future.

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