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Man that’s the worst. I’ve been rocking the iPod Classic for a long time and one day I got the broken iPod error. The Sad iPod Face. I tried everything I could think of. Restarting, charging after letting the iPod battery die. Nothing was helping with my old iPod.

So I decided I just had to get a new iPod. I thought about getting an iPod Nano, because of the cool size and colors, but the gadget nerd in me just had to get the iPod Touch. I wanted an iPhone, but I’m locked into my current phone contract for a while so I’m stuck with my SideKick.

Anyway, all was good, and I was rockin out wherever I went. Life was a happy place again. That lame dude dancing in line at In N Out… That’s me.

Once again, Sadness and failure fell upon me.

Major iPod Fail

. I got the errors again, and was back to searching the web. Then a friend of mine let me know about an iPod repair guide that would let me know everything I needed without having to dig through all the crap on the web, so I checked it out and it was great. I just wanted to pass the info along to everyone.

This is a must have for any iPod owner. Eventually the errors come and you should be armed to fight them. Go check it out and let me know what you think:

iPod Repair Guide

P.S. If you’re still having trouble, the original iPod repair guide guys even have online support to help you out a little bit more.

I’d appreciate comments to let me know if it’s helped you out as much as me.

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