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News: iPod shuffle 2G disappears from Apple Store

Following today’s introduction of the expanded color options and a 2GB model for the third-generation iPod shuffle, Apple has removed the option to purchase a second-generation shuffle from the player’s online store listing. Previously, a small link notifying customers that the 2G shuffle was still available could be seen at the bottom of the page; it is unclear whether Apple was continuing to sell the older model to address concerns over…

News: iPod shuffle 3G gets new colors, 2GB model

Apple today updated its third-generation iPod shuffle lineup, adding new colors to the 4GB model and introducing both a 2GB version and a special edition model. Both the 4GB and the new 2GB models are now available in silver, black, pink, blue and green, and feature the same buttonless design and included Earphones with Remote as before. In addition, Apple announced a new 4GB special edition polished stainless steel model, which will be available…

Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Silver 2nd Generation

Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB Silver 2nd Generation

Using either witchcraft, fairy dust or highly gifted engineers (we’re not sure which), Apple has created an iPod Shuffle of an almost impossibly small size. Only slightly biggerthan a U.S. quarter, this teesy-weesy device packs 1GB of Storage space. Enough for up to 240 of your favorite songs! Apple also attached a clip to the back of the Shuffle, so you can wear it anywhere for skip-free Music playback. Perfect for working out or just walking down the street. Unit Dimensions – 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.41 (inc. clip) Unit Weight – 0.55 oz. Color – Silver

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Shuffle Ipod
I love this product and now can’t imagine exercising without it. It’s easy to start and work. it’s totally awesome

5 Stars Great
Great for what it is. No screen, so you have to arrange things the way you want them before you upload. It bookmarks tracks where you left off, which is perfect for listening to podcasts or books on tape, which is what I use it for. Great gadget for the price.

4 Stars cute basic for an old fogie
This is my first iPod and I am enjoying the heck out of it! It’s easy – easy – easy.

Next purchase will be to upgrade the ear buds for a bit more comfort. Sound is very good. Having a soundtrack for daily life…priceless.

3 Stars functional once u get past the setup
So I buy the shuffle because it is wicked small, figure it will have the same simple drag and drop setup that the ipod has. Well, i come to find that loading music is pretty annoying, and slow. Music has to link up to the music loaded on you iTunes library which is annoying if i move some of the music around. when I want to delete music from the device agian, its easier to write down what songs you want to delete because doing it one by one will take far too long.

The device works fine, as would be expected from an apple product, but in comparison to what I’m already used to (iPod) the loading and unloading process is slower and as a result annoying. Other than that, once its good to go, its great for working out, small, practically weight less, unobtrusive. If there was another procut out there that was just as small , i would probably not get the ipod, but given that there isnt one as small, ill have to stick to this one for now.

5 Stars Very Cute..!!!
I bought this ipod for me and my aunt we loved it cause perfect for gym use. YOu can clip it and go.. !!

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