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200 Connection: close Oattacks

Jacob Appelbaum is one of the researchers who developed a technique for recovering data from RAM after power has been removed from the RAM.

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Not Sure What IPod Touch (iTouch) Generation You Have? – You May Need to Know!

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide own Apple’s iPod Touch (iTouch) mp3 player. There are various different versions of this device. First of all there are different capacities. 8GB, 32GB and 64GB versions are currently available at the time of writing. There are also different generations of the iPod Touch, both 1st generation and 2nd generation.

A large percentage of iTouch users are unaware of what version of the MP3 player they own. As long as it plays the songs and movies they want, and runs the applications they like it really doesn’t matter.

However, there could be a time in the iPods life when it doesn’t do the things the user wants. Maybe the user has cracked the screen and the unit is no longer visible, or maybe the battery no longer lasts very long or another issue that needs repairing. To fix your mp3 player you need to order a replacement part, but before you can order the correct part you need to know what generation of the iTouch you own.

There are several visible differences between the 1st and 2nd Generation iPod Touch. Three of these differences are described below.

1 – When you take a side view of the iTouch 2nd generation, you will notice a contoured design that clearly distinguishes it from its 1st generation counterpart that does not have it.

2 – The antenna cover of iTouch 2nd generation is oval-shaped whereas the 1st generation it gives a look of a corner of square. You can find the antenna cover at the upper left corner on the back of iPods.

3 – The iTouch 2nd generation has external volume control and an external speaker (built-in) whereas 1st generation does not have these features externally.

For more details on distinguishing what generation iPod Touch (iTouch) you have including pictures highlighting the differences check out the RepairsUniverse iPod Touch Which Generation? Guide.

To repair you device check out all the available iPod Touch repair parts to bring your mp3 player back to life again.

Paul Weatherley – iPod Touch Technician

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News: Hands-on with the 2009 iPod Lineup: The Summary

Though we are in the process of posting individual First Looks, videos, and photos for the new 2009 iPod lineup, we wanted to provide you with a collective article discussing the new models together, as the iPod shuffle and iPod classic changes in particular are not significant enough to merit full articles at this time. Click on the headline of this article for all of the details.

News: Apple resellers claim iPod discontinuations

Citing sources from Apple Authorized Resellers, Ars Technica reports that the entire current lineup of iPods has been discontinued. Stock of the current screened iPods, announced and released last September, is dwindling, with no more expected to come in; the fate of the third-generation iPod shuffle, released earlier this year, is unclear. Apple is reportedly planning a special event for early September—possibly as soon as Sept. 9—to…

News: ‘iPod Mechanic’ gets 13-month jail term, $656k restitution

Nicholas Woodhams of Kalamazoo, MI, once known as the “iPod Mechanic,” has been sentenced to 13 months in prison after pleading guilty to mail fraud and money laundering earlier this year. Woodhams was also ordered to pay $648,568 in restitution to Apple and $8,066 to the U.S. Postal Service. “This was not a victimless crime,” U.S. Attorney Donald Davis said in the press release, “because the costs of fraud are borne…

Ipod Accessories

thomasz iPod Update:

There is a huge assortment of iPod accessories that all have different kind of functions. Let’s take a look at some, but before we do, there is something that all customers must be aware of before going out and buying iPod accessories. First thing you should know is what model type the iPod is. With the many generations of iPods it can be confusing so here is a list of iPod models and the different generations: (1) iPhone, (2) iPod Touch, (3) iPod Classic, (4) iPod Mini, (5) iPod Photo, (6) iPod Video, (7) iPod Nano (1st and 2nd generation), (8) iPod Nano Video (3rd generation), (9) Apple iPod (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations), and the (10) iPod Shuffle (1st and 2nd generation).

A popular iPod accessory is iPod cases. There are many different kind of iPod cases and all of them share the same two objectives of cases expectancy. The first objective of iPod cases is to protect iPods, preventing it from any kind of damages, accidents or scratches. The second objective of iPod cases is to let you express what it is that you like and to display your personality. You can choose various iPod cases ranging from plastic cases, silicone cases, armor cases, furry fun friends cases and much more. There are different colored cases, cases with beautiful designs like surfers, flowers and a lot more that can instantly change the look of the iPod. iPod cases are the easiest way of customization while keeping it looking good as new and standing out in the sea of iPods.

Another popular iPod accessories are iPod headphones and iPod speakers. Both iPod accessories actually share the same function. They enable music to be played through from the iPod itself. There are various iPod speakers and iPod headsets/iPod headphones. You can choose from a lot of iPods speakers like portable stereo speakers, apple speakers, spider pig iPod speakers and much more. There are also a lot of iPod headphones/iPod headsets that are compatible with any iPod players. For each iPod accessory there are always multiple colors for you to choose from so you can find the colors to match with the iPod or your favorite color.

Obviously there are more to iPod accessories than just iPod cases, iPod speakers, and iPod headphones/iPod headsets. There are also iPod chargers, iPod armbands, iPod docking stations, iPod fm transmitters, iPod batteries and much more. The selections of iPod accessories are a wide variety and every single accessory has a different kind of usage.

If you are planning to buy iPod cases, you should always make sure which case is for which iPod. iPod cases are easy to install and have instant customization. A favorite iPod accessory among people who work out at gyms or are always on the go, is the iPod armband. You just snap in the iPod into the case provided or slip the armband through the case and slide it around your arm, making sure that it is a snug fit so it will not move around when you are up and about.