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Belkin Leather Folio Case for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Pink Chocolate

Belkin Leather Folio Case for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Pink Chocolate

This fashion-inspired leather case provides full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs. The sleek, portable design lets you slip your iPod right into your pocket or purse.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars IPOD Case
I love the color combination and the ability to use the IPOD while it is still in the case. I also bought one for a girlfriend and she is enjoying it very much!

3 Stars Doesn’t last long
I bought this case for my 160GB iPod classic because I liked the look. I take my iPod everywhere – in my purse, my backpack, my pocket. Very soon after I started using this case (maybe 2-3 months) I already noticed leather around the corners wearing away. Doesn’t look good but also doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the case. After about 9-10 months, though, the little straps that hold the iPod in on the bottom are almost worn away. One is broken and the other is frayed to the halfway point. It protects my iPod from my purse or backpack very well, but I will have to buy a new case because this is almost completely worn at the bottom. Dust and other stuff can still get in, but it provides good protection. I dropped my iPod many times (once from a height of 6-7 feet), and the case did its job of protecting the iPod. If you’re not rough on it, this case it probably good enough for you.

3 Stars Loose
From the picture you can’t see that it slides into the case with nothing to secure it when it’s propped open. I assumed either the fit would be more snug or there would be a little piece of velcro or something to stop the iPod from sliding back out. It’s fine when it’s closed, but when you open it to change songs or something the iPod slip right out.

4 Stars Long time to get here
I like the product, although it was shipped from another company, other than Amazon. It took almost a month for the product to arrive. It arrived the day I was getting ready to file a complaint against the other company.

5 Stars Saving Grace
I love this case. It’s kept my iPod safe from harm, scratches, and dings. It looks sweet and hot. It’s durable, extremely well made, and easy to insert the iPod. If you have one of those car adaptors for the radio, you’ll have to take it out of the case, but that’s no biggy. Get it for all the times you’re walking around with your iPod listening to your favorite tunes.

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