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Review: Macally MCAR10L 10Watt Lightning Car Charger

While it works just fine, MCAR10L is really pretty forgettable. It’s pretty much a less attractive version of Griffin’s PowerJolt SE with Lightning Connector. The price is lower than some competitors, but not the lowest we’ve seen. There’s nothing bad about it, but there’s also no reason to choose it over Griffin’s option, or similar competitors, making it worthy of our limited recommendation.


First Looks: Macally MCAR10L 10Watt Lightning Car Charger

Macally’s MCAR10L 10Watt Lightning Car Charger ($25) is a rather nondescript, captured-cable solution for charging an iPad, iPhone, or iPod in the car. Coming in white, it has a three foot cable leading to a Lightning plug from the charger. Third- and fourth-generation iPad charging won’t be as fast as possible though, as this one only goes up to 2.1A, and not 2.4….