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Apple iPod classic 80 GB Black 6th Generation OLD MODEL

Apple iPod classic 80 GB Black 6th Generation OLD MODEL

Decisions, decisions. Who needs ’em? Why should you have to choose what to put on your iPod? With a large storage capacity, iPod classic lets you carry everything in your collection everywhere you go. In completely new, even thinner, all-metal design, this iPod is a modern classic.The iPod classic gives your music and video room to move. It also has plenty of energy, good looks (a sleek, all-metal design), and a great personality (a brand-new interface with Cover Flow). In other words, iPod classic makes an ideal companion. Why not get to know it better?

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars iPod set me free
I bought this model as a gift for my wife, who quickly filled up her Nano and needed additional space for her burgeoning music collection. We are happy to report this has given us no problems and holds a cavernous amount of material, it’s only half full and she has hundreds of discs already imported. Some complain about the slow response time, but this includes a tiny optical drive which performs flawlessly but with a slight “lag” compared to the flash compact memories of the smaller editions. It never seemed an issue to us, and for the massive space was a great trade off in our opinion. We did get a protective case to prevent scratches and fingerprints which are easy to see on the beautiful black case. Still performing like a champion, I highly recommend the 160GB iPod. I hope to inherit this one when she upgrades to an even fancier one. Battery life is fine, it still lasts all day, and syncs to iTunes (we use a Mac at home) with ease.

4 Stars Not sure really…
I’ve heard these are good but I’m not really sure, because I never received this item. But, I did get a refund. The reason I never received it, was because I ordered it whilst on holiday in Florida, expecting it to be deivered to the sub-division I was staying on, Watersong Davenport. But, after a week I enquired at Davenport Post Office, and was told that USPS did not deliver to Watersong. Something to do with the property developer not giving permission. I had no option but to report the item undelivered. The item was returned to sender, and Amazon refunded me. On the bright side due to the dollar/pound rate fall I made 10 quid!!

3 Stars Enjoy for three years and then……
throw it away because the battery is going to die and the hassle of getting it replaced is just not worth it. I’ve had my 80 GB classic for three years now and sure enough the battery will not hold a charge any longer. I’ve been attempting to get the battery replaced but am not having any luck. Every time I think I’m just about to pull it off Apple raises one more hoop for me to jump through. I live about 150 miles from the nearest Apple store that will fix my iPod but they won’t work with me. I offered to drop it off for repair if they would mail it back to me but they said they will not ship. I offered to pay for the shipping but they refused to make the effort to send it to me. Instead they referred me to the Apple web site for assistance. I spoke with an Apple representative in customer support and she explained that when I purchased my iPod I had the option of purchasing the Apple support plan which would have covered the unit for any repairs within a two year period after purchase. Since I did not have any trouble with the unit until the third year the cost of the support plan would have been a waste of money. Here it comes…”We’re sorry you’ve had trouble but if you’ll go to our web site and log into customer support you’ll be able to arrange for the necessary repairs”. More hoops and no good outcome. The customer support section for their web site requires you to select a support “package”. It’s just a battery. Why can’t they make the process just a little easier to handle? Oh yeah, they want you to throw away the old and buy the new. So much for recycling.

5 Stars Excellent buy
Good quality sound, excellent memory for storage of songs, excellent buy, and prompt shipment. Thanks!

1 Star $150 for this???? You’ve got to be kidding. Get a Zune!!
I bought this last year believing the hype. People are always talking about how great the iPod is, so I figured why not try get one so i can have tunes in my car.

This thing was nothing but trouble after i bought it.

My first complaint is iTunes which I know I’m not alone when I say iTunes is a huge resource hog and will bog down your computer, so don’t plan on doing anything else besides using iTunes when you run it(My operating system is Windows XP Pro SP2 with almost 2GB ram). After about 30 minutes I finally figured out how to add music already on my PC. Apple sure didn’t want it to be easy did they. I’m guessing they did it this way because if you can’t figure it out they assume you’ll buy it from iTunes. I could go on and on about iTunes, but I have more complaints.

Has anyone had as much trouble as I did with the touch scroll feature? At first I thought this was a really cool feature, and I liked it. After about a week though, the problems ensued. Why does the scroll have to be so sensitive? If I move my thumb just the slightest milimeter on the music track I want to listen to, it goes to the song after or before(depending on whichever way I accidentally moved my thumb). Might I say how much I really hated this feature in my car because I always ended up having to use the arrow key buttons to get to the right song. I think I have arthritis in my thumb from all the scrolling. OK moving on.

The hold button on the top of the iPod-BAD IDEA. At first I had no problems with the hold button, but after a few weeks the button would be set in the off position and still the iPod would stay on hold. I ended up looking on Google to find a fix for this, but nothing I tried worked for me. Why couldn’t they have made the hold feature like a phone where you push a combination of keys for it to work?(ex. press * then OK) I have a 30gb Zune and the hold button was designed with an actual clicking mechanism on the top, trust me when i say its 100x better than the iPod’s. People have said on many forums once they were able to stop the hold button from staying on they actually removed the hold button…(no comment)

All in all the iPod is far from perfect, but the only thing I will give it credit for is its battery life Then again I’ve only owned it a little over 7 months so knock on wood. I’d highly recommend the 30GB Zune over the iPod because it has an FM tuner, wireless, a bigger screen, plus the interface is a lot easier to use. Did I mention the Zune is a lot cheaper? Sorry to sound so biased towards the Zune, but I’ve had both and I know where my bread is buttered.

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