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The most recent Apple product I purchased

The most recent Apple product I purchased was an iPod Touch, version 2.0. I must say, this is one of the most responsive, easy-to-use pieces of technology I have ever had my hands on. With the iPod Touch 2.0, you get all the amazing features of the original iPod Touch, plus any improvements that you can possibly imagine.

The first improvement that really struck a chord with me was the addition of speakers. I can think of a countless amount of times where I would have loved to play the music on my iPod for everyone. From now on, I can do that because of the fancy integrated speakers. As far as small speakers go, they definitely aren’t bad at all, though you can’t expect much out of tiny speakers. But the feature has already come in handy, so I have no complaints.

The app store is filled with new games and random, fun things that you iPod touch can do. Because of the various built in technologies that make the iPod so easy to use, games can be played in a number of fashions. The accelerometer, which makes the iPod understand if it’s horizontal or vertical, is used in some games to guide your character by simply moving the iPod. And the touch screen is extremely useful for app designers, because it allows you to take real control over what’s going on in the screen. One of my personal favorite apps is the Weather Channel Application (which is free, by the way). You can set what city you are in based on wireless connection, and it gives you the forecast in detail. You can also get your own personal weather report by hitting the video icon. Best of all, it was completely free, as are many of the apps in the built-in store.

Now for some of the smaller, but just as cool features on the iPod touch. The volume buttons on the side of the iPod make it even easier to adjust the sound without even having to touch the screen. The video quality is ridiculously clear, and the wide screen is the perfect size for on the go viewing. And even with all this on your iPod, the battery can play up to 36 hours of audio, and 6 hours of video. You’d think that with a battery that powerful, it would have to be huge. Not at all, as a matter of fact. The Touch is only 4.3 by 2.4 inches. And it only takes 2 hours to do a quick charge, which charges about 80% of the battery. It comes with headphones, which sound amazing, and can handle audio turned all the way up. It also comes with a cleaning cloth that works as well as everything else Apple offers.

It is very strange these days being so satisfied with a product, but each time I purchase from Apple, I realize that they really know how to keep the customer happy. I have no complaints about the iPod Touch, because everything I could possibly want is built into it. Now all they need to do is mix it into a phone, and that would be perfect. Oh wait