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Review: C4 Electronics Dolry HiFi Stone 30-Pin AirPlay Adapter

Glossy on the front and matte-finished on the back, Dolry is as elegantly designed as wireless adapters get. Oval-shaped with a white light on the front and a 30-pin port on the bottom, it also goes by the name “HiFi Stone,” which appears on the unit’s back. There are no buttons to press or cables to worry about; you just plug it into a Dock Connector speaker, wait for the white light to go solid, and connect your iOS device to the…


News: Report: Apple will offer 19- to 30-pin dock adapter

Apple will indeed offer a 19-pin to 30-pin dock adapter alongside the next-generation iPhone, a new report claims. Citing sources who previously confirmed Apple’s plans to shift to a smaller dock connector, iMore suggests that the adapter will allow for the use of most 30-pin based accessories with future iOS devices. It notes that some accessories may, due to size or shape, be awkward or impossible to use with the new adapter, but that most…

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