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Speck ArmorSkin Case for 80 120 160 GB iPod classic 6G Black

Speck ArmorSkin Case for 80 120 160 GB iPod classic 6G Black

Slip your iPod classic into the top of this ArmorSkin case, and you’re set to travel in safe style.

Plastic polymer surrounds your player, providing great shock absorption. The thin polycarbonate front-plate protects while letting the natural beauty of your iPod shine through.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Great!
I bought the Speck ArmorSkin case (along with the new 120gb iPod) because my boyfriend is a TERROR on electronics. He’s had it since the beginning of the month, dropped it 4879651321657645 times – and its done its job!! Not a scratch on the iPod! I definately recommend this item to anyone with clumsy hands! :)

5 Stars Buy it
You can access all your connections with the cover on. Keeps your Ipod clean & safe. Buy it you will love it. I do!

4 Stars Get this product and protect your investment.
I got the Speck ArmorSkin Case to protect my new iPod Classic 120GB. I’m glad I did. I love the design and it’s easy to grip and won’t slip out of your hand. Despite the bulk of the case, it’s easy to access all of the functions of your iPod. I was a bit worried about being able to access the click wheel easily but thankfully no problems there. What really made me love this case was what happened this past 4h of July. I was holding my iPod(encased in the Speck ArmorSkin) in my hand and was carrying my big, jumbo stereo boom box over my shoulder. In hindsight, carrying the two together wasn’t a smart move considering what happened. The boom box though it was being carried over shoulder was a bit awkward and cumbersome for me to carry so I had trouble holding my iPod in my hand in addition I was walking down the stairs. The iPod ended up falling out of my and tumbling down metal steps and onto the concrete floor below. My heart almost sank. I thought my new iPod was destroyed. I put down the boom box, went down the stairs, took the iPod out of the case and not a scratch, shook it, no broken internal parts, turned it on, played normally and all of the other functions worked fine. The case, as well, was barely bruised. This case is awesome.

I took off a star because the plastic front cover feels a bit light and flimsy and as others have stated, it can be easily scratched. A harder plastic could’ve been used. Why have a tough, thick durable rubber outer casing but skimp on the front cover?

Overall, this is a great case to protect your iPod. It’s worth the investment to protect such a pricey device.

4 Stars Speck Armorskin Case
This is an good case for the ipod classic, but the clear protective screen scratches easily, and it does not have a belt clip on it. It is very chunky, but easy to grip or grab onto. This particular Speck case is ok for gym use only if you have a pocket to place it into. If Speck could put a belt clip on this one, or put this one on a necklace, I would have rated it excellent. I can only give it 4 stars. Overall, it does protect the ipod, looks great, and the price was reasonable. The only complaint is its just a little inconvienent to carry if you are on the go.

4 Stars good material choice

The plastic for this case is reasonably soft without being flimsy. It’s similar to silicone cookware in appearance and flexibility. There’s no harsh plastic or rubber smell. The components fit together well. It’s reasonably comfortable and non-slippery in the hand. The beveled plastic front makes it much easier to spin your finger around the touch wheel. The dock connector and headphone plug are still mostly accessible.


The plastic inset in the back might make the case more “universal”, but it makes my skinny 120GB ipod Classic kind of fat. The extra thickness makes it impossible to use the ipod in a dock. The clear plastic on the front scratches easily (but better the plastic than the ipod). The plastic is just grippy enough to stick when you try to put it into a jacket pocket. The opening for the headphones is only barely big enough — for some jacks, it might be necessary to cut out a bit of the rubber around the headphone opening.

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