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Belkin Dual Fit Armband for iPod nano 4G Black

Belkin Dual Fit Armband for iPod nano 4G Black

The ultra-comfortable Sport Armband is hand-washable and water-resistant. It gives you full protection and easy-navigation access to your iPod, while minimizing bulk on your arm.

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star Piece of Junk
Cons: You cant access the clickwheel through the pastic screen. Impossible to navigate tracks, even changing the volume settings takes some effort.

Pros: Its cheap and doesnt look too bad.

Caveat: I havent tried any other armbands so cant compare.

4 Stars Belkin Dual Fit Armband for iPod nano 4G (Black)
This armband works well with the iPod nano, headphones are easily accessed and overall it stays secure while I run, etc… The only complaints I have with it are, it is hard to spin the wheel through this plastic casing. Also the armband does not stretch very far so if you have bigger arms this is not ideal.

4 Stars Cheap and serves its purpose
I’m a Marine stationed on Okinawa, so it’s safe to say I’ve used this arm band a lot since all i really do is weight lift every day. All reviews seem to be negative so i thought I’d put in my opinion.

First off the absorption of sweat:

I too lift weights for a solid hour to hour an a half, so by no means are my work outs not stressful. But I don’t know what the hell you guys seem to be doing to sweat through this arm band. But this is what i do to prevent it. It comes with a little card board shape of an ipod when you buy it, i just slip my ipod in front of this while in the arm band.. it’s still a nice fit so don’t say it won’t. Also i keep my barracks key in the nice little pouch in the back that rests against your arm. It’s a flat key that fits perfectly. (Since you probably won’t have a key like mine; be smart, cut out a thin piece of card board and use this instead. Problem solved. Adapt and overcome right?)

The arm band being too small:

I was skeptical when buying it because lots of reviews say, “it’s not comfortable and too small.” Ok let me specify those that didn’t. If you are a 210lb + man who does nothing but weight lift.. ya ok this thing probably won’t fit you. No big just go back and return it. I’m 160lbs, with the skinny frame but i’ve packed on lots of muscle since joining the Corps.. I’m very cut but this thing still fits my arm and isn’t “uncomfortable” when lifting. It extends to a good med/lg sized arm.

The plastic is too thick? :

Some said the plastic is too thick around the wheel..? I won’t deny it, but it’s not impossible to operate. Use your freakin finger nail to scroll then! i don’t know? i get mine to adjust volume and search songs just fine. This is probably because it keeps out the rain off the majority of the ipod. I live on a tropical island people where it’s 90% + humidity when i walk outside the gym. So yes i’ve been rained on from the gym to my barracks and had this thing on my arm for a good 20 seconds before realizing. F**k maybe i’m just lucky? but the ipod wasn’t affected at all. I’ve also checked several times to make sure it’s not “fogging up” like people claimed. There MIGHT be a little from what i can see, but defiantly NOT enough to kill the ipod in noticeable water.. you guys exaggerate too much.

I gave it a 4/5 because yes it’s not perfect, but i’m also not complaining. For 19.95 at the base PX.. the arm band does its job

3 Stars Waterproof on the front, but not on the back
I purchased this armband for use while running because it was the first available armband for the 4g nano. I was very happy with it up until the summer heat hit. It is very comfortable to wear, but if someone had arms any bigger than mine (14″), I imagine it would be a little tight. While the pocket on it is a little useless, it’s a nice feature for a key or a couple dollars. i don’t think the screen does not interfere with the controls, they work just fine for me. I wore it during the rain season and it kept my iPod completely dry, even through hard rainfall. I didn’t have any problems with sweat seeping through during the winter (I live in So Cal, so the winters are mild). However, once summer hit, I started noticing sweat gets through the armband into the case, and my iPod is very wet at the end of my runs. I’m not sure if this is because it’s getting old (I’ve had it for ten months), or because I’m sweating more because of the heat. Either way, I’ll be replacing it, because I don’t want to ruin my iPod. This is a nice, comfortable case, but if you’re concerned about it being sweat-proof, I’d find another case.

3 Stars Not as good as hoped
Belkin Dual Fit Armband for iPod nano 4G (Black)

Volume control is not that accessible and instead skipping to Next song/last song is what usually happens. Also, lots of moisture collects inside with the Nano when worn for a run or workout. Velcro is starting to come loose already (3 weeks). Nano is easily inserted and is held securely.

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