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Ask iLounge: Using an iPhone with an external Bluetooth adapter

Q: If I were to connect a Micro USB adapter to my iPhone 4, and then insert a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter into the Micro USB adapter, do you think it would be able to work with Bluetooth 4.0 devices? – Scott A: Unfortunately, this wouldn’t work as iOS doesn’t include the necessary drivers to access third-party Bluetooth adapters via the Dock Connector port using the normal Bluetooth protocols. An individual third-party app could theoretically…


Mac: Satechi Smart Travel Router/Travel Adapter with USB Port

There are some combinations in the technology world that are hard to see coming. Satechi’s Smart Travel Router/Travel Adapter with USB Port ($45) is one of them. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea, but packing a world outlet adapter, router, and USB charging station into one device certainly isn’t something that would pop into our heads. To travelers though, this combination may in fact make a lot of sense.


Review: C4 Electronics Dolry HiFi Stone 30-Pin AirPlay Adapter

Glossy on the front and matte-finished on the back, Dolry is as elegantly designed as wireless adapters get. Oval-shaped with a white light on the front and a 30-pin port on the bottom, it also goes by the name “HiFi Stone,” which appears on the unit’s back. There are no buttons to press or cables to worry about; you just plug it into a Dock Connector speaker, wait for the white light to go solid, and connect your iOS device to the…


Review: Urbanears Slussen DJ Adapter

The actual accessory is nearly as simple as it gets: a 3.5mm headphone plug juts out the side of a U-shaped piece of plastic. At the two open ends are ports for headphones and a speaker, respectively marked with raised plastic symbols. Plug the appropriate accessories into the right ports, then plug the entire thing into your iPhone, and you’re good to go. For convenience, an included keychain cap fits over the plug, allowing you to keep the…


News: Outdoor Tech debuts ADAPT Bluetooth adapter

Outdoor Tech has launched the ADAPT ($40), a clip-on Bluetooth receiver that allows for wireless streaming to any headphones or speakers. The device has a standard 3.5mm audio port for universal device support, converting the wired output from any Apple device into a 30-foot wireless streaming signal. ADAPT also comes with playback controls and a built-in mic for calls. ADAPT promises nine hours of talking and listening time from its rechargeable…

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News: Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter now available in North America

Apple has released its Lightning to Micro USB Adapter (seen in our First Look here) in North America. Priced at $19, the adapter was originally available only in Europe due to a European Union directive requiring Micro USB compatibility for smartphone charging. The new Adapter allows users to connect a Lightning connector-equipped iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to a computer or power source using a standard Micro USB connection, however it is worth noting…

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First Looks: Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Now officially listed as compatible with every iPad, iPhone, and USB-charging iPod, Apple’s new 12W USB Power Adapter ($19) is the sequel to the $29 iPad 10W USB Power Adapter we reviewed and loved in early 2010. Notably shipped in a box that doesn’t mention the wattage on the front, it can be distinguished from its predecessor by the “12W” reference on the package’s back, and by the box’s smaller size. As is generally the case when Apple takes the…

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News: Report: Apple will offer 19- to 30-pin dock adapter

Apple will indeed offer a 19-pin to 30-pin dock adapter alongside the next-generation iPhone, a new report claims. Citing sources who previously confirmed Apple’s plans to shift to a smaller dock connector, iMore suggests that the adapter will allow for the use of most 30-pin based accessories with future iOS devices. It notes that some accessories may, due to size or shape, be awkward or impossible to use with the new adapter, but that most…

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