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I love my iPod Touch

So many people told me that I should get the iPhone and not the touch because then I would have one device. They were wrong.

I now have the technology at my fingertips to listen to whatever music I want and see with my own eyes what the album cover looks like. Plus I can watch movies and I like movies. I use twitter and facebook all from my iPod touch.

But the thing that most people laugh at, and I don’t care if you laugh at me, my iPod touch puts me to sleep every night. Yes, it’s a modern lullibye.

My latest addiction is scramble. It’s a game that I have a high score of 162 and I’ve not been able to beat my own high score for over a month. I love to play online with other people, and yes I do that from my bed.

In the news we hear that people have died in their sleep from natural causes or overdoses, but if I were to die tomorrow, that what you would find lying next to me. So if you don’t have an iPod touch, all I can say is that you’re missing out. I hope good fortune falls upon you soon and you can have one to use as I do… or not.