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News: Apple releases iTunes 8.2.1 with bug fixes, Palm Pre blocked?

Apple has released iTunes 8.2.1, its latest update to its digital media management software. According to Apple’s release notes, in addition to providing “a number of important bug fixes, the release “addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices,” which could be a reference to Palm’s unauthorized efforts to make its Pre phone appear to be an iPod for purposes of iTunes synchronization, or a specific note on iPod…

Apple security update addresses iTunes vulnerability

Apple on Monday released iTunes 8.2, a software update which also addresses a security vulnerability. A stack buffer overflow existed when parsing “itms:” URLs, potentially allowing a maliciously crafted website to cause application termination or arbitrary code execution. The issue has been addressed through improved bounds checking.The security vulnerability affects both Windows and Mac systems….

Apple updates Shuffle 3G software, VoiceOver Kit

Apple on Wednesday released a software update for the third-generation iPod shuffle, Version 1.1, along with a new VoiceOver Kit. The software addresses a rare issue that occasionally caused playback to stop. A number of other bug fixes have been added, along with support for the new VoiceOver Kit. The 3.9MB download is available directly from iTunes.VoiceOver Kit 1.1 expands the list of supported…