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Ask iLounge: Calendar info disappears after iCloud restore

Q: I made a mess of my syncing to iCloud, now all of my calendar information is gone. I restored information on my iPhone & iPad from previous back ups, but when it syncs with iCloud, I lose all my Contacts and Calendars. Please tell me how to rectify. – Karen A: The most likely problem here is that the contact and calendar information stored in your iCloud account has somehow become erased or corrupted. The information from your iCloud account…


Ask iLounge: Removing music from iTunes after copying to iPod

Q: Do I need to retain all iTunes items on my PC once I have transferred them to my iPod? When I downloaded my music to my iPod and then went back to do another download from iTunes the original items on the iPod were deleted? What am I doing wrong? – Margaret A: Unless you have chosen to manage the content on your iPod manually, iTunes will basically treat your iPod as an extension of your iTunes library, mirroring either your entire library or whatever…

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