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Ask iLounge: Streaming AirPlay audio via an Apple TV to an alternate destination

Q: Is there a way I can watch video on my Apple TV via AirPlay but listen through headphones directly connected to my iPad? Whenever I sent a video to my Apple TV via AirPlay, the audio goes there too. Can I just sent the video only? Can I send the audio to a set of Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers instead? – Josef A: The short answer is no, at least for a stock iOS configuration. As you’ve noted, AirPlay transmits both audio and video…


Review: C4 Electronics Dolry HiFi Stone 30-Pin AirPlay Adapter

Glossy on the front and matte-finished on the back, Dolry is as elegantly designed as wireless adapters get. Oval-shaped with a white light on the front and a 30-pin port on the bottom, it also goes by the name “HiFi Stone,” which appears on the unit’s back. There are no buttons to press or cables to worry about; you just plug it into a Dock Connector speaker, wait for the white light to go solid, and connect your iOS device to the…


Review: NOCS NS2 Air Monitors with AirPlay

NS2 is amongst relatively few AirPlay speakers to include two satellites rather than an all-in-one design, using your choice of two packed-in cables to connect the satellites to one another, and a wall adapter to provide power to the amplifier and wireless hardware inside the right speaker. The most striking element in the minimalist design is the use of colored soft touch rubber coating for the MDF wooden chassis: each of six different colors (black,…


Review: Bowers & Wilkins A7 Speaker with AirPlay

Today, we’re looking at four recent wireless releases: Brookstone’s Big Blue Media Tower ($400) and Ecoxgear’s Ecoxbt ($130) are on the Bluetooth side, with AQ Audio’s AQ SmartSpeaker ($179) and Bowers & Wilkins’ A7 ($800) representing AirPlay. Collectively, these speakers are noteworthy because they demonstrate today’s wide variation in wireless speaker pricing and features—AQ Smart Speaker is the least…

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First Looks: Bowers & Wilkins A7 Speaker with AirPlay

Announced in September of this year, Bowers & Wilkins is now shipping its A7 ($800) AirPlay-enabled speaker. A six-inch bass driver, and two total pairs of one-inch tweeters and three-inch mid-range drivers are packed into the sound system. The fabric, plastic, and metal design matches that of the company’s MM-1 computer speakers, though converted into an all-in-one casing with a prominent rear bass ventilation hole. On one side of A7 you’ll find…

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News: Airfoil Speakers Touch returns to App Store, sans AirPlay receiving

Following its somewhat mysterious disappearance last month, Rogue Amoeba’s Airfoil Speakers Touch has reappeared on the App Store, with an updated version that removes the “Enhanced Receiving” in-app purchase option that allowed users to receive audio streamed natively over AirPlay from iTunes or another iOS device. With version 3.1 users can also now set the app to stay awake in order to remain available for streaming at all times;…

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Review: Logitech UE Air Speaker With AirPlay

Before diving into the product itself, it’s worth discussing the Logitech UE Air Speaker’s name and positioning; this is actually the “Air Speaker,” by “Logitech UE,” a new brand of sorts. Headphone aficionados will recall that Logitech purchased premium earphone maker Ultimate Ears back in 2008, and has slowly merged the brands together, only recently subsuming UE’s web site. Given the direction of that process,…

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News: Apple releases iTunes 10.1 with iOS 4.2, AirPlay support

Apple has released iTunes 10.1, the latest version of its digital media management software. As expected, iTunes 10.1 brings with it compatibility with iPod touches, iPhones, and iPads running iOS 4.2, the ability to use AirPlay to stream videos from iTunes to the second-generation Apple TV, and a variety of other stability and performance improvements. Notably, there is no sign yet of iOS 4.2’s release, nor of the Apple TV or Remote app updates…

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