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News: Kensington unveils Nightstand Charging Dock for iPhone

Kensington has unveiled its Nightstand Charging Dock for iPhone. Compatible with nearly all iPods but designed for the iPhone and iPod touch, the Nightstand Charging Dock is designed to charge the connected device while functioning to keep it in landscape mode, and works in concert with the company’s free Rise & Shine application, which turns the charging iPhone or iPod touch into an alarm clock, displaying the time in one of three formats,…

Quick Guide to ipod Accessories for your iPod Nano 8GB

Buying accessories for your iPod Nano 8GB is one of the most exciting parts of owning the device. The market for ipod accessories has realized incredible growth over the past few years. This may be one of the reasons the iPod Nano 8GB has been able to dominate the digital MP3 player market.  Even though the iPod Nano 8GB comes with an earphone, some users opt for external speakers because the iPod’s internal speaker of the doesn’t play audio files . The internal speaker does have a purpose, though, as it will sound the beep from the alarm clock as well as warning tones.

External speakers will allow you to share your tunes with friends and family. Even small iPod Nano 8GB speakers work well for gatherings and parties. Some companies have cashed in on iPod accessories by offering the FM Transmitter to iPod users. This is one of the better iPod accessories for people who enjoy listening to live radio. The first of the iPod accessories that you should consider purchasing are those designed to protect your digital device from scratches and dirt. Not only can you protect your iPod with covers and cases, but many retailers offer stylish versions as well.

Your ipod nano 8gb will also keep you company when you go to the gym as you can tuck it into an armband, which is another of the most popular iPod accessories. One of the smallest of the iPod accessories, the armband is also one of the most convenient and innovative. Now you don’t have to leave your tunes behind when you go to the gym or for a run. No matter what position your workout puts you in, you can rest assured your iPod is safely tucked away in the armband. You can also use these iPod accessories when you are just out for a walk or riding your bike.

Although the iPod comes with an earphone, there are many other varieties of headphones and earphones sold by third party retailers. Depending on the color of your iPod Nano 8GB, you may be able to purchase headphones to match your digital player.

BMW is the first automotive company to release iPod accessories  for its automobiles. BMW introduced iPod automobile interface sometime in 2005. An iPod control was integrated into the built-in steering wheel, alongside the control and radio head buttons. The iPod Nano 8GB unit is safely confined inside the glove compartment, and is attached to a cable harness to keep it in place every time the car speeds up or is traversing rocky and bumpy roads. The iPod steering wheel control allows the driver to create and shuffle five (5) “BMW playlist”. The playlist is displayed through the small LCD of the vehicle’s radio head.

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Brian H Logan

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/gadgets-and-gizmos-articles/quick-guide-to-ipod-accessories-for-your-ipod-nano-8gb-969926.html

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GEAR4 intros CRG-60 iPod clock radio

UK-based GEAR4 has recently added to its comprehensive lineup of iPod accessories with its CRG-60 alarm clock and iPod dock. There are two alarms, with each giving users the option of waking up to music from the docked iPod, any FM radio station or a buzzer. The alarm clocks have snooze, sleep and nap functions, while the large LCD screen can be dimmed at night.When plugged into a wall, the CRG-60…

ILUV Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone – 89.99 USD

ILUV Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone - 89.99 USD

iLuv iMM173 Hi-Fi Dual Alarm Clock for your iPhone and iPod is a clock radio that suits your overall iPod/iPhone lifestyle. After going through several high level testings and evaluations, The iMM173 has been proved to be the only dock out in the market that is fully compatible with both the iPhone 3G and 2G. -iPhone compatible: There are still only a couple of iPod docks under ?Works with iPhone” certification in the market and we managed to be the few brands who are first-to-market.-Jumbo LCD & Smart User-Interface (UI): User-friendly navigation and ease-of-use are the most important features of electronics nowadays and this UI on the extra-large 4.3″ LCD screen gives users intuitive usage and convenience. This UI feature clearly distinguishes iMM173 from our direct competitors-jAura Sound Cell Technology: Among the iPod alarm clocks on the market, iMM173 brings the top-notch sound quality …

Buy 89.99 USD

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