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Ask iLounge: Scheduling Alarms when using Do Not Disturb

Q: I just saw your article on Manual vs scheduled Do Not Disturb settings, which helped clear up at least one question I had. I’m still puzzled about one thing, however, and that’s if there’s a way to override Do Not Disturb for specific alarms? I know that I can allow certain phone calls to get through, but everything else seems to get silenced whether I want it to or not. Is there some way I can overrule this for certain types…


News: MotionX Sleep adds improved alarms, Sleep History Visualization

MotionX has released an update to MotionX Sleep, its iPhone app for optimizing sleep cycles and promoting healthy activity. Designed to help users get a better night’s rest and be more active, MotionX Sleep uses the iPhone sensors to track and analyze movements during sleep to monitor the user’s sleep cycles and provide optimal wake-up alarms; users can wake to their favourite iPod song or choose from a set of built-in sounds such as jungle,…

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GEAR4 intros CRG-60 iPod clock radio

UK-based GEAR4 has recently added to its comprehensive lineup of iPod accessories with its CRG-60 alarm clock and iPod dock. There are two alarms, with each giving users the option of waking up to music from the docked iPod, any FM radio station or a buzzer. The alarm clocks have snooze, sleep and nap functions, while the large LCD screen can be dimmed at night.When plugged into a wall, the CRG-60…