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Review: Just Mobile AluCup

AluCup is a truncated cylinder, ranging from about an inch tall at the front to two and a quarter at its highest point. Not surprisingly, the aluminum is beautifully machined and completely smooth, coming in a natural silver color. The rubber insert can come out if you force it, but is clearly designed to stay securely in place under normal use. If you’re using an iPhone or iPod, you can simply place it in the cup. It rests at a little higher…


First Looks: Just Mobile AluCup

A simple design, Just Mobile’s AluCup ($30) serves as a way to hold most iPhones or iPod touches inside, as well as iPads on a typing angle. The precision-cut aluminum tube is fitted with a silicone rubber insert in your choice of black, yellow, red, or blue; a pad of the same material pokes through the bottom to prevent the stand from slipping. Slits in the side provide places to manage cables. Just Mobile promotes it as being particularly useful…