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Article: iPhone + iPad Gems: Amateur Surgeon 2 HD, Flick Rocket, Popstar Physics (Save Toshi 2) + Qvoid

Welcome to this casual gaming edition of iPhone + iPad Gems! Today, we’re taking a look at four titles that are easy to jump right into, though most of them offer plenty of depth to keep you entertained for the low asking prices. Two are sequels to previously released games, one is a new take on retro gaming, and the last is a simple-looking puzzler that will keep you busy for hours. Our top picks of the bunch are Popstar Physics (Save Toshi…

Above The Matrix – Strong $4.71 Epc
Hots Epc ‘s copy written by 5 time CB #1 copywriter Mike Williams. 3 Incredible upsells assure this will be the biggest launch of 2011. Product created and programmed by Bill McRea & Mick Moore