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News: Apps: Amazon Instant Video 1.4.3, iTunes U 1.3.1 + Rdio 2.2.1

Amazon Mobile’s Amazon Instant Video (free) has updated to version 1.4.3, which makes finding videos faster and easier using a dropdown menu on the home screen or a navigation bar on the browse screens. More personalized carousels have also been added to the home screen. However, the app still notably lacks AirPlay support. Apple has updated iTunes U (free) to version 1.3.1. Users can now check for course updates by using pull-to-refresh animation.…


Purple iPod Nano Silicone Case Package for 4th Generation Skin Cover Screen Protector Car Home Charger USB and Armband Nike Compatible 10 Color Options

Purple iPod Nano Silicone Case Package for 4th Generation Skin Cover Screen Protector Car Home Charger USB and Armband Nike Compatible 10 Color Options

Stylish Silicone case for Apple iPod Nano 3rd / iPod Nano 4th Generation and LCD protector. Great protection against everyday hazards.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Great products!
This is a great little package to purchase. It is very convenient, especially for traveling. You get so much for a small price! I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

5 Stars Exactly What I ordered
Thank you for sending items promptly and in excellent condition. Definitely would order from again. Thans!

4 Stars Overall, a good kit
I decided to get this accessory kit for my iPod Nano, mostly because I wanted the armband and the retractable cable. Ended up liking most of the kit. The silicone skin case it comes with is actually very nice and durable, although it does collect dust and dirt somewhat easily. The cord was great, and if you ever need it, the two chargers work well. The screen protector was so-so, as mine wouldn’t go on the first try, and it got dirty whilst putting it on; After finally getting it on to the screen, the sides won’t stay down, but as long as it protects the screen from the dangers of my pocket, I’m not too worried. Overall though, I definitely recommend this kit.

5 Stars Pleased buyer
Shipping was fast. It was packaged correctly and it was exactly what I ordered and I would definitely use them again.

5 Stars is perfect, idon’t have a problem with it, especially for the price
the silicone cases are the best my boyfriend have one for the past 2 years, and that’s the reason that i decide to get one because they last for a long time i am glad i bougth these silicone case thank you amazon you guys have the best prices.

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Many Colors available Hard crystal case for iPod Nano 4th Generation 8gb 16gb package with screen protector Nano 4th Gen Mp3 Player not included Pouch

Many Colors available Hard crystal case for iPod Nano 4th Generation 8gb 16gb package with screen protector Nano 4th Gen Mp3 Player not included Pouch

Case for Nano 4th Generation 8GB / 16GB Protect your Nano 4G with style. Also comes with Ultra Clear Full Screen Protector 100% 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Bonus Mivizu Pouch included

User Ratings and Reviews

3 Stars Decent product for the price
The great thing about this package is you get a hard case, a screen protector, small cleaning cloth, and a pouch.

The pouch is way oversized, but will do if you need something to keep your nano, headphones, and whatever else all bundled together. The screen protector is an excellent fit with very simple application steps, and does not distort the screen at all.

The case itself fits very tightly, though I did notice that it presses ever so slightly on the screen as evidenced by the dark spot and subsequent pock marks on the screen protector. The lock switch is a little tricky for big fingers which required that I use a finger nail to switch it on/off. There is an opening for docking, though I doubt that it will fit all docking stations. As with most all cases of this type it will collect scuffs and scratches VERY easily, but your nano is protected from the worst abuse; however, it will be susceptible to dust and small particles entering the case.

Overall, a reasonable value given the included items.

1 Star Bad product
First: My review was erased!!! Very bad! Be ashamed AMAZON!

-The case didnt fit well the ipod! I need to force it a lot!

-Arrived broken! It didnt came with any stuff to protect the parcel during the trip

-To expensive for the material

-Cables dont feet: Need to take the cover every time!! Bad projected!

-Better to buy at Ebay

5 Stars hard case for ipod
very nice! this product is easy to snap on, stays put, and protects my ipod from bumps and dings. it also kinda looks like a candy coating (dark green over the light green ipod) so….i like it very much! :)

5 Stars case review
This product works great, looks great and feels great when using it. It keeps scratches to your ipod and dust out keeping it looking new.

5 Stars SWEET!!!
Excellent protective case. It’s hard to reach the LOCK button but a longer fingernail or the tip of a key works decent enough.

Highly recommended!

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Belkin Leather Folio Case for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Pink Chocolate

Belkin Leather Folio Case for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Pink Chocolate

This fashion-inspired leather case provides full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs. The sleek, portable design lets you slip your iPod right into your pocket or purse.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars IPOD Case
I love the color combination and the ability to use the IPOD while it is still in the case. I also bought one for a girlfriend and she is enjoying it very much!

3 Stars Doesn’t last long
I bought this case for my 160GB iPod classic because I liked the look. I take my iPod everywhere – in my purse, my backpack, my pocket. Very soon after I started using this case (maybe 2-3 months) I already noticed leather around the corners wearing away. Doesn’t look good but also doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the case. After about 9-10 months, though, the little straps that hold the iPod in on the bottom are almost worn away. One is broken and the other is frayed to the halfway point. It protects my iPod from my purse or backpack very well, but I will have to buy a new case because this is almost completely worn at the bottom. Dust and other stuff can still get in, but it provides good protection. I dropped my iPod many times (once from a height of 6-7 feet), and the case did its job of protecting the iPod. If you’re not rough on it, this case it probably good enough for you.

3 Stars Loose
From the picture you can’t see that it slides into the case with nothing to secure it when it’s propped open. I assumed either the fit would be more snug or there would be a little piece of velcro or something to stop the iPod from sliding back out. It’s fine when it’s closed, but when you open it to change songs or something the iPod slip right out.

4 Stars Long time to get here
I like the product, although it was shipped from another company, other than Amazon. It took almost a month for the product to arrive. It arrived the day I was getting ready to file a complaint against the other company.

5 Stars Saving Grace
I love this case. It’s kept my iPod safe from harm, scratches, and dings. It looks sweet and hot. It’s durable, extremely well made, and easy to insert the iPod. If you have one of those car adaptors for the radio, you’ll have to take it out of the case, but that’s no biggy. Get it for all the times you’re walking around with your iPod listening to your favorite tunes.

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Belkin Remix Metal for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Silver

Belkin Remix Metal for 80 120 GB iPod classic 6G Silver

The Belkin Remix Metal for iPod classic offers:
  • full protection for your iPod in a clear case with brushed metal detail;
  • accessibility to all ports and controls; and
  • a slim profile for portability.

Brushed-metal details add to a great look. View larger.

The Remix Metal for iPod classic by Belkin is a hard case made of clear acrylic with silver-toned brushed-metal detail that maintains the good looks of the iPod nano while providing maximum protection against scratches and scuffs. A snug fit means the iPod won’t jostle when inside the case, and with a very slim profile, it won’t take up too much room in your pocket or purse.

The clear acrylic atop the screen keeps it fully visible for menu navigation as well as photo and video viewing. With the revolutionary true-sense click-wheel protection, you still retain full control of the click-wheel, so navigating the iPod’s menus is a breeze.

All ports and the dock connector are fully accessible, so you never need to take the iPod out of the case. If you do need to take out the iPod, however, it’s a cinch–the case easily pops open in an instant. The Belkin Remix Metal for iPod classic is backed by Belkin’s Lifetime Warranty.

User Ratings and Reviews

5 Stars Awesome case!
That’s the best word for this case. I have the 80 gig classic and it is a perfect fit. The best part of this case is the protection that it gives the screen and the click wheel. I’ve had my ipod in this case exclusively since I bought it and my player looks brand new to this day (had it about a year now–use it DAILY)

I HIGHLY recommend this product

5 Stars hard case for ipod classic
Belkin Remix Metal for 80/120 GB iPod classic 6G (Silver) I love the case it keep my ipod safe in my purse and with the kids.

2 Stars Ok, but not what I wanted
The moment my ipod slipped out of my hand the case popped off. It protects your ipod as long as you don’t drop it but the case back smudges and scratches pretty easily. It looks kind of cheap, especially around the touch cirlce where there are little white gradiant dots- not cute. I’d recommend looking for something else to protect your ipod, I just got this 2 weeks ago and I’m looking for a new case already.

5 Stars Great Cover!
This is a must if you are an avid ipod user! This keeps my screen from gettinng scratched and gives it a stylish look!

5 Stars Superior case
Great product that is easy to use if you are more apt than a monkey. Super cute (yep I am a girl) too! So yet, so easy to use—a girl could do it!

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Zune HD now available for pre-order at Amazon

Amazon has recently posted a product page for the 16GB and 32GB Microsoft Zune HD portable media players, revealing their prices but not shipping dates. The prices match those from a recent leak from Best Buy regarding the very same products, and the Zune HDs are expected to launch at Amazon as the same time as Best Buy, which should be September 8th.As previously announced, the Zune HDs sport 3.3…

iPhone apps: Cyclops, Bumper Stars, FretBoard

Cyclops (free) uses the iPhone’s built-in camera to scan barcodes. After a picture of a barcode is taken the software attempts to find the item on Amazon. If the item is found information such as an image and prices are displayed. Users can also select which international Amazon site they would like the app to use.Bumper Stars ($3) is described as being a mixture of pinball, pool, and shuffleboard…

News: Apple rejects bird chirp, search query apps over Internet content

Apple has rejected updates to two more applications—FastFinder from Bananas Design and Chirp! Bird Songs from Spiny Software—due to what the company considers to be an inappropriate rating based on the apps’ ability to connect to the Internet. FastFinder allows users to quickly query a variety of search engines and other services such as IMDB, Amazon.com, Facebook, and more, while Chirp! Bird Songs helps users to listen to, identify,…