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Ask iLounge: New photos appearing from lost/stolen iPhone

Q: My iPhone was lost/stolen last November. Now, I’m noticing pictures on my new iPhone and my iPad taken by the new owner of my lost/stolen iPhone. It must be syncing through iCloud somehow, which means my stuff is syncing too. I called AppleCare, outsourced now to a company called Emphasis. They haven’t a clue on what to do. Anyone have a fix for this? – dlbasil A: Your photos are most likely syncing via the iCloud Photo Stream feature,…


Ask iLounge: Disabled iMessages on iPhone still appearing on Mac

Q: My family is having some issues with iMessage. A couple of months ago I turned off the iMessage option on my iPhone because my carrier gave me an unlimited SMS plan and overall, my carrier’s SMS service seems to be more reliable than what I’ve experienced with iMessage. I basically chose the reliability of SMS over the convenience of receiving iMessages on both my iPhone and MacBook. For some reason though, it now seems that whenever…

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Ask iLounge: Join CD Tracks option not appearing in iTunes 11

Q: I just downloaded iTunes 11. I wanted to join tracks to import an audiobook and I followed your instructions from a few days ago, yet I do not get the Join Tracks option. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. – Paulette A: As we discussed in an article earlier this week, iTunes 11 has not only hidden away the Join CD Tracks option on a separate “Options” menu on the CD import screen, but in fact omits the option completely even from that…

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Ask iLounge: Songs not appearing on iPod when browsing by Genre

Q: My iPod does not show all the songs in a particular genre when I look for songs by genre. For example, I have one genre with 12 songs in iTunes. Two of the songs have the album specified, one has the artist specified, and the other nine have neither specified. All of the songs are on the iPod. However, when I look in that Genre on the iPod, the first screen lists “All” and “Mary Jones” (i.e. the artist). If I choose All,…

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News: iPads appearing at TJ Maxx stores priced at $399

Discount department store chain TJ Maxx is now selling 16GB iPad Wi-Fi units for $399 in certain stores, according to a new report. Citing a reader email and photos, Engadget reports that some TJ Maxx stores in Ohio, New York, and New Jersey are offering the tablet computers at a $100 discount; one store claimed it was holding its stock for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Some stores…

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