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Clip on Crystal Case w Headset Wrap for Apple 2nd Generation 2g iPod Shuffle 8 Color Options Clear

Clip on Crystal Case w Headset Wrap for Apple 2nd Generation 2g iPod Shuffle 8 Color Options Clear

Shock absorbent and Shatterproof. iPod shuffle fits securely unto the case. Color: Clear. Compatible with: Apple iPod shuffle, Gen 2

User Ratings and Reviews

1 Star Useless, really…
I’ve had my 2g Shuffle for about a year now. I use extesively when in the gym and when I’m outdoors running or cycling (one bud in, only per California law). I’ve never had a problem with getting it scratched or dirty, so getting this case was all about trying to find a way to “wrap” and store my earphone chord.

It just doesn’t work with a standard set of Sony earbuds! The concept is nice, the color is great, but it’s useless as far as helping to store the earphones.

1 Star Ipod case
I was charged for this product BUT NEVER received it!!! VERY unhappy about not receiving the product.

5 Stars Great Case
This case fits my shuffle snuggly, and alows me to wrap my headphones as well. Great price, and color!

5 Stars Great Case, Secure, I love the Color Options!
This is a great case option for the shuffle. It keeps everthing very compact and allows me to keep my headphones all together. The case stays on very well, it would never just fall off, the last reviewer must have hit a bush on her hike. You would almost have to lose the shuffle to the case.

I also like Aluminum Case for Apple 2nd Generation Shuffle – 6 color options

1 Star too small for my iPod headset
I use the non-standard iPod headset which has smaller inserts (for smaller ear canals), and it does not fit on this clip/case at all. I can only imagine the standard headset has a shorter cable?? Very disappointing.

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