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News: iOS users note missing, disappearing Camera photos

A number of iOS users have noted that some of the photos they’ve taken with iOS 7’s Camera application have disappeared without a trace, an issue that we’ve confirmed firsthand. Posts in Apple’s number of Apple discussion forums show how some users are experiencing the issue, while struggling to explain why it’s happening. Based on what we’ve seen, the problem appears to be sporadic, affecting only a small number…


Ask iLounge: iOS Camera app and Location Services

Q: What will my Camera app on my iPod touch 4G do when I turn location services off? – Ben A: The short answer is that the Camera app itself should continue to work just fine for taking pictures, however your photos will no longer have location data stored in them. Since the iPod touch doesn’t have an actual GPS, however, you may find that many of your photos won’t contain any location data anyway, as the iPod touch relies solely on nearby…


Backstage: On The Possibility Of An Apple Standalone Camera

A few days ago, I mentioned that we’d heard claims—initially quite firm, and then not so firm—that Apple is working on a standalone digital camera, specifically a point-and-shoot model designed to deliver image quality and zoom functionality beyond what iPhones, iPads, and iPods can deliver in their thinning bodies. Specifically, the claims from our source were as follows: (a) Apple has been glad that the media and analysts are so…

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News: Third-gen iPad rear camera same as iPhone 4

According to a new teardown of the third-generation iPad, the new tablet sports the same camera sensor module found in the iPhone 4. Chipworks writes that the sensor found in the third-gen iPad is the Omnivision OV5650, which features five-megapixel resolution, supports 1080p video recording—likely omitted from the iPhone 4 due to the limitations of the A4 processor—and a backside-illuminated sensor, though it should be noted that the…

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Review: Fresh Fiber Boombox, Camera, Macedonia + Mondriaan Cases for iPhone 4/4S

All of these cases have the same basic shell structure: they latch onto the four corners of the iPhone, leaving full access to the ports and buttons. Along both of the long sides, they come just short of fully covering the steel frame, and leave the edge of the glass display exposed. On the right side of the case is a raised Fresh Fiber logo, and the company offers personalization of up to ten characters on the left for an additional €20/~$27…

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News: Hands-on iPad 2 camera interface, Smart Cover videos posted

We’ve just posted an iPad 2 hands-on interface video so that you can check out the new camera features, settings, and other neat features of the second-generation iPad, as well as a hands-on iPad Smart Cover installation video showing how the magnetic clasp system and auto-lock/unlock features work. For more hands-on details, check out our First Looks at the iPad 2 and the iPad Smart Cover.

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News: Apple cracking down on Camera apps that use volume buttons?

Following news from earlier this week on a hidden volume shutter button feature in the Camera+ app, it appears that Apple may now be cracking down on other iPhone camera applications that have employed similar features. In a post on Tap tap tap’s blog explaining how its Camera+ update was initially rejected by Apple, developer John Casasanta noted that there were other camera apps that “make use of the volume buttons for snapping photos”…

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News: Microsoft updates Bing for iPhone, adds camera and social support

Microsoft has released an update to its Bing application for iOS devices. Going beyond the basic search engine features now included in iOS4, the Bing 1.2 app brings support for conducting searches by scanning barcodes and cover art with the iPhone camera and connecting to Facebook and Twitter accounts. The new version now combines results from users’ social networks when searching the web and allows users to share their search results via Facebook,…

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