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News: Logitech iPhone game controller leaked?

A picture of Logitech’s alleged iPhone game controller was leaked by @evleaks in a tweet. The apparent promo shot shows the front and back of the controller, which encompasses an iPhone 5. From the picture, we estimate the controller is roughly 7.7” long. A space on the back of the controller would allow the camera to be used while the gamepad is attached. Logitech recently teased an iOS controller on its Facebook page. No further information…


News: Civilization Revolution adds more scenarios, Game Center integration

2K Games has updated Civilization Revolution introducing 10 new scenarios, new animated units and Game Center integration. Civlization Revolution is an iOS version of the popular Civilization empire-building strategy game adapted from the console title of the same name, challenging players to build their fledgling civilization through war, diplomacy, research and trade. This latest update adds ten additional in-game scenarios to provide new challenges,…

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News: Spy Mouse adds new levels, Game Center support

Electronic Arts has released an update to Spy Mouse with a new level pack containing 11 additional levels with new enemies, obstacles and power-ups to challenge players. The new pack, Volcano Island, takes Agent Squeak through a new perilous world with new challenges such as jungle cats wielding poison darts, collapsible terrain, fireballs and lava pits. A new set of power-ups has been added as well including Banana Peels and Invinci-balls along with…

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News: Black Friday Game Deals on the App Store

A number of iOS game developers have announced significant Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on a wide range of game titles. Chair Entertainment has dropped the price of Infinity Blade to $3. Gameloft has 20 of its titles on sale for $1 each, including Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles, Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles for iPad, BackStab, Eternal Legacy, Eternal Legacy HD, Fast Five the Movie: Official Game, Fast…

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News: Puerto Rico the Board Game released for iPad

Ravensburger Digital has released Puerto Rico HD, an iPad adaptation of the popular board game. The retro-style game puts players in the role of a Puerto Rican governor during colonial times where they must build their town’s economy and industry to gain the most points and win the game. Users can compete against up to four other players, either AI or human players via pass-and-play or local network play and the iPad version automates many of…

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News: Ten One Fling adds tactile game control to iPad

Ten One Design has introduced Fling, its new tactile game controller for iPad. Fling is a transparent, flexible accessory that attaches to the iPad’s screen via suction cups, and gives users the tactile sensation of a joystick. According to the company, users simply launch an app with a directional pad or virtual joystick, secure Fling over the control area, and place their thumb on the center control. Other features include a microfiber carrying…

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News: Parrot announces AR.Pursuit game for AR.Drone

Parrot has announced the first game app for its AR.Drone iPhone-controlled quadricopter released earlier this year. AR.Pursuit is a two-player game that allows AR.Drone users to conduct augmented-reality dogfights using their iOS devices and the integrated cameras on their AR.Drones. In the game, one player takes on the role of pursuer and attempts to target and shoot down their opponent who must try to escape and survive as long as possible without…

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I love my iPod Touch

So many people told me that I should get the iPhone and not the touch because then I would have one device. They were wrong.

I now have the technology at my fingertips to listen to whatever music I want and see with my own eyes what the album cover looks like. Plus I can watch movies and I like movies. I use twitter and facebook all from my iPod touch.

But the thing that most people laugh at, and I don’t care if you laugh at me, my iPod touch puts me to sleep every night. Yes, it’s a modern lullibye.

My latest addiction is scramble. It’s a game that I have a high score of 162 and I’ve not been able to beat my own high score for over a month. I love to play online with other people, and yes I do that from my bed.

In the news we hear that people have died in their sleep from natural causes or overdoses, but if I were to die tomorrow, that what you would find lying next to me. So if you don’t have an iPod touch, all I can say is that you’re missing out. I hope good fortune falls upon you soon and you can have one to use as I do… or not.