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Article: iOS Gems: Amazing Alex, Left2Die, Metal Slug 3, Outwitters + Tiny Wings/HD

Welcome to this week’s gaming edition of iOS Gems! Today we’re reviewing six games, some of which will be familiar to iOS gamers. Of the bunch, only zombie-slayer Left2Die and the turn-based Outwitters are completely original; the others are ports of or updates to previously-released games. Our top-rated titles this week are Metal Slug 3 and Amazing Alex, but the second one comes with some caveats. Left2Die and Outwitters also earn our…

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Article: iOS Gems: Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio, Bugsy Kindergarten Reading 2.0 + Paper by FiftyThree

Welcome to our app-focused edition of iOS Gems! Today, we’re looking at three recent app releases, two for kids, and one for adults. Both of the kids’ apps were worthy of recommending broadly to our readers, while the app for adults is somewhat gimmicky, falling short of even a limited recommendation. The top app in the bunch is Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio. Read on for all the details! Bean Bag Kids Present Pinocchio Every once in…

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Article: iOS Gems: Adobe Photoshop Touch, Billr, Clear, Tweetbot for iPad + Weather HD

Welcome to this week’s edition of iOS Gems! This week, we’re looking at five different titles that utilize creative interfaces to achieve superior user experiences. This collection includes a bill-splitting utility, a to-do list app that has generated some buzz, Adobe’s long-awaited Photoshop Touch, Tapbots’ new iPad-only Twitter application, and a gorgeous weather app. Our top picks of the bunch are Weather HD and Billr, but Tweetbot…

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Article: iOS Gems: Dariusburst SP, DoDonPachi Blissful Death, Pinball Arcade + More

Welcome to this week’s edition of iOS Gems! This week, we started by looking at three recent releases that attempt to capture the magic of classic arcade games: one is a sequel to a very long-running series of arcade shoot-em-ups, the next is a member of a less well-established shooter franchise, and the last aggregates a bunch of classic pinball machines within a single app. On Wednesday, we updated Gems with additional titles: Nickelodeon’s…

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Article: iOS Gems: Bug Princess, Dora Hops Into Phonics, It’s A Small World, Sleepy Jack + X Is For X-Ray

Welcome to 2011’s final edition of iOS Gems! This week, we’re looking at a scattered collection of apps and games—several edutainment titles for kids, plus a couple of late-in-year game releases that caught our attention for one reason or another. Four of this week’s selections received identical B+ ratings, albeit for different reasons—Bug Princess, Dora Hops Into Phonics HD, It’s A Small World, and X Is For X-Ray…

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Article: iOS Gems: Absolut Drinkspiration Apps + Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn From The Modern Mixologists

Welcome to this week’s first edition of iOS Gems! Cocktail recipe applications have grown considerably in number since the early days of the App Store, yet many of them offer the same stale mix of plain text and amateurish photography. We’ve thankfully found a few that really stand out from the pack, and wanted to highlight them here. It’s rare, but it does happen: all three of today’s apps rated our high recommendation, though…

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Article: iPad Gems: Steve Jobs Editions Of Bloomberg Businessweek+, Fortune, Time + Wired

Immediately after Steve Jobs passed away last week, a number of business and technology publications released downloadable special editions dedicated to the life and career of Apple’s founder and former CEO—predecessors to the upcoming authorized biography that’s been bumped up to a late October, 2011 release. The special editions could each be understood as miniature books or partial magazines, though they’re mostly just collections…

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Article: iPhone + iPad Gems: Boss Battles, Dark Meadow, Gyro13 + High Flyer Death Defyer

Welcome to this week’s gaming edition of iPhone + iPad Gems! This roundup includes a top-down space shooter, a beautiful first-person action game, a side-scrolling helicopter rescue game, and a skydiving title. Dark Meadow is truly the standout title in this collection. This rich and engrossing game looks beautiful, and actually has a plot, besides. Boss Battles Backflip Studios’ latest release is Boss Battles (Free, version 1.0) for iPhone…

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