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News: iOS users note missing, disappearing Camera photos

A number of iOS users have noted that some of the photos they’ve taken with iOS 7’s Camera application have disappeared without a trace, an issue that we’ve confirmed firsthand. Posts in Apple’s number of Apple discussion forums show how some users are experiencing the issue, while struggling to explain why it’s happening. Based on what we’ve seen, the problem appears to be sporadic, affecting only a small number…


News: Missing iPad tracked to home of TSA agent

An ABC News investigation team tracked an iPad from a security checkpoint to the home of a TSA agent. During the investigation, which sought to determine what was happening to items that were disappearing from airport checkpoints, ten iPads were left at airport security locations, and nine were returned according to agency guidelines. But in one case, Apple’s free iPad tracking software led investigators to the home of TSA officer Andy Ramirez.…

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News: FaceTime missing from UAE iPhone 4 units

The official Twitter account of du, an iPhone carrier based in the United Arab Emirates, has confirmed that FaceTime will be unavailable in the UAE when the phone launches tomorrow. “Our iPhone 4 customers won’t be able to make Facetime calls, as this feature is currently unavailable in the UAE,” the company said. In later updates, it apologized to customers who were upset that the feature had been withheld, and repeatedly said “it’s…

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