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News: iOS users note missing, disappearing Camera photos

A number of iOS users have noted that some of the photos they’ve taken with iOS 7’s Camera application have disappeared without a trace, an issue that we’ve confirmed firsthand. Posts in Apple’s number of Apple discussion forums show how some users are experiencing the issue, while struggling to explain why it’s happening. Based on what we’ve seen, the problem appears to be sporadic, affecting only a small number…


News: Facebook Messenger launches free calling for US iPhone users

Facebook Messenger now offers free calling, as the feature has made its way to US iPhone users. The standalone Facebook app allows users to open a conversation with another Messenger user by opening a conversation, tapping the “i” button, and then tapping the new Free Call button. The calls are free using Wi-Fi or the iPhone’s data connection. The VoIP calling service was announced as a new feature about two weeks ago. An App Store…

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News: Polymer challenges users to strategically create unique shapes

Indie game musician Whitaker Trebella has released his first iOS app,  Polymer, a new strategic shape-creating puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Described as a mixture of the logic of a Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Trism and the creativity of Lego, Polymer challenges players to combine creativity and strategy by sliding rows and columns to create unique shapes—known as Polymers—on a constantly changing game…

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News: New app brings George Harrison’s historic guitars to iPad users

Bandwdith Publishing, in conjunction with the George Harrison Estate has released The Guitar Collection: George Harrison, a new iPad app celebrating the famous guitarist and his historical guitar collection. The new app provides a virtual guided tour of George Harrison’s private guitar collection through photographs, detailed descriptions and audio and video footage; 360-degree imaging by photographer Steven Sebring allows provides an immersive…

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News: AT&T to throttle unlimited data plans for heavy users

AT&T has released a statement in which it reveals plans to throttle data speeds for its heaviest data users starting October 1. According to the company, customers on unlimited data plans who reach a usage level that puts them among the top five percent of heaviest data users in a giving billing period will see their data throughput speeds reduced, although not before receiving multiple warnings and a grace period. “These customers on average…

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News: Cloud Connect Pro provides file management and remote desktop access for iPad users

Antecea has released Cloud Connect Pro, a new app for the iPad designed to provide a complete set of file management and remote desktop features. Cloud Connect Pro allows users to access and manage their files on cloud-based services such as Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk and Box.net as well as remote Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Users can also remotely control desktop computers via either the VNC or RDP protocols; an optional Easy Connect app allows users…

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News: Facebook hits 100m iOS users, releases 3.2.2 update

According to stats found on the Facebook for iOS app’s dedicated Facebook page, the app now has over 100 million monthly active users. This represents the vast majority of iOS devices sold up to this point, based on figures released by Apple at its 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and serves to highlight the app’s importance to the iOS ecosystem. In addition to showing over 100 million users, the app’s Facebook page…

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News: iPhone 3GS users complain of reboots with iOS 4

A large number of iPhone 3GS users are experiencing random reboots during phone calls after upgrading to iOS 4. An Apple discussion thread dating back to June 22 and now over 900 replies chronicles the issue, which sees most affected 3GS units rebooting without any provocation from the user roughly 4-5 minutes into any telephone call. The only proven solution, according to several of the affected users, is to have the phone replaced. Coincidentally,…

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